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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Show Friday Night: or I'm Old

Tim asked me to tell him how the Amy Ray show went on Friday night. I was going to email him, then I thought, Nah, I'll make it an exciting post for everyone. You can thank me in the comments.

First of all, I'm old. I must preface this story with that fact. Back when I was young, frisky, and in my 20s, I would not have been as annoyed as I was, but those days are gone as my 30s loom before me.

So the show was at the North Star Bar, which is a good sized bar that often has local musicians and small national bands (I saw Joan Osbourne there before she hit it big). There's a room with a bar, a room with billiards, and a room for music. The room for music has no chairs.

The ticket said that the show started at 9pm. I wasn't interested in the opening band, Cordero, so I wanted to arrive around 9:30, but the Bread Winner and a friend who came with us wanted to be there at 9. Okay, who am I to argue? So we got there at 9. And waited. And waited. And waited. Around 9:30, I decided to sit on the floor, because like I said at the beginning, I'm old. So I sat on the floor with my friend. And waited. And waited. And waited.

At 10:30pm, Cordero takes the stage. By this point, I'm pissed. I mean, AN HOUR AND A HALF? What is that about? (I refer again to the fact that I am old.) My friend and I had a debate about what they were doing before coming on. Did they have a legitmate excuse? Late bus? Fiddling with equipment? Something like that? Or were they just hanging around backstage for no reason? My guess is that the last option is true.

I had listened to a couple of their songs online, and I was actually prepared to like them. Until they made me wait FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF. Then I hated them. And then, THEN, they had the nerve to play for 40 MINUTES. They left the stage at 11:10pm, and I said, "Good riddance." By the way, I remained sitting on the floor for their entire set and booed between songs. That's just the kind of sport I am.

In the meantime, my friend and I made a bet between us about how long it would take between Cordero leaving and Amy Ray taking the state. We went for an over/under 30 minutes. She instantly took "over." I took "under." I could not believe that, with it being AFTER 11PM AND ALL, the equipment change would take longer than 30 minutes. I said we bet, and you might be wondering what the bet was for. Just rightness. That's the kind of girls we are. Being right, and being able to lord it over your friend, is more than reward enough.

AND I WON. Amy was playing the first song of her set in around 24 minutes. WAHOO! The only thing that I was happy about that night.

And her set was good. She's a great performer. I like her solo stuff. I was happy. Except that I was tired. It was smokey. My feet hurt. My back was starting to hurt. At first I was like, What's wrong with me? Then I remembered, Oh yeah, it's fucking after midnight and I've been here for over 3 goddamn hours. Around 12:15am, I told the Bread Winner that I was going to the bar room to sit down and get off my feet.

This annoyed me. First of all, I realized that when I was younger, I used to be able to do shit like this without complaining. Secondly, the whole point of coming to the show was to see Amy Ray, and now I was going to duck out during her set. C'est la vie.

I settled myself at the bar with a cranberry and orange juice and read the subtitles to Fraiser. It felt so goddamn good to be sitting down on a chair with a television in close proximity that I basically didn't care that I was missing Amy's set. And then another friend of ours joined me there, so we started talking and hanging out. I was rather content (mostly due to the fact that I'd had a wonderful nap that afternoon).

After about 15 minutes, the Bread Winner came into the bar and told us that Amy Ray said that the band only knew two more of her songs, so they were going to play them, and then that would be it, no encore. I was a bit surprised at this. I went back into the music room, and Amy was true to her word. Two more songs and that was it. She played for just over an hour. In other words, I waited two and a half hours for one hour of entertainment, and I missed 15 minutes of that because of the long ass wait.

In conclusion, I'm old. And I won't be doing that again. It was great to see Amy play in such a small venue, but screw it. In the future, if there aren't chairs, I'm not going. The end.


  • Well, you are certainly older than your were, but didn't pregnancy contribute somewhat?!

    By Blogger Fyse, at 8:26 PM, April 17, 2005  

  • I'd like for that to be an excuse, and I'm sure it contributed to my feelings. But the fact is that even without being pregnant, I don't want to stand on my feet for 3 and a half hours. It's just not worth it to me. And I would have still been annoyed at having to wait so long. I can understand a half an hour of waiting for the opening band. I'll even give them 45 minutes. But an hour is too much. And two hours? Oh no. Oz doesn't play that game. You're an opening band. You're no one. Get your ass on the stage.

    By Blogger Oz, at 9:02 PM, April 17, 2005  

  • I realized I was old when I started wearing ear plugs during the opening acts to "save" my ears from too much damage during the main act. I'm still all for standing around hours on end waiting so I can get a good spot up front though. It helps me feel young.

    However, you'll know you're really old when you stand like three rows back from the stage right in the middle of where all the rocking is gonna be with your glass of microbrew. I saw Midnight Oil at a small venu a few years ago and these dudes who were like 40 were standing right in the middle, right in front of me about 8 rows back from the stage. A glass...of microbrew in the pit? Son, that ain't gonna last two seconds when the Oils start rocking the house. Sure enough...rocking started and his beer was spilling.

    Everyone knows that to stay young you slam JD in the parking lot.

    By Blogger Wheelson, at 12:43 AM, April 19, 2005  

  • Wheelson, That's what I forgot to do!!! Slam JD in the parking lot! :)

    But seriously, that earplugs idea has some merit. Thanks for the tip!

    By Blogger Oz, at 8:30 AM, April 20, 2005  

  • You guys are old. I am not. With that being said, I read the majority of this post thinking Amy Ray was that chick from the Food Network. C'est la vie.

    By Blogger Dan, at 10:22 PM, April 20, 2005  

  • Dan, You've stated that you're not old, and if you don't know who Amy Ray is, you're clearly not a lesbian either. What could possibly be holding our blog-friendship together???!! :)

    By Blogger Oz, at 9:44 AM, April 21, 2005  

  • Elmer's glue.

    By Blogger Dan, at 10:45 AM, April 25, 2005  

  • Old...ha, ha, try being 60! Ohmigawd, I'm a dinosaur. We paid a bundle once to see Dr. John at the House of Blues in Cambridge only to stand, be stomped on, rudely pushed back and crushed by a crowd of people who all seemed to be 13 feet tall, and had to 'endure' a loud, untalented opening act who hogged the stage forever. I ended up not even catching a glimpse of Dr. J's hat and we left in a proverbial 'huff'in the middle of his 2nd song. I totally empathize with this experience. ~:^(

    By Blogger foxymama, at 4:49 PM, April 25, 2005  

  • My experience was with Joan Armatrading. Saw her at a small venue in Monterrey CA the summer of 1984, loved it after collecting all of her albums since "Show Some Emotion". Then she came to Chicago in 2001 and a friend convinced me to attend the show at House of Blues. No matter how good the music was I couldn't deal with the lack of anyplace to sit and relax with a drink and truly enjoy the show. Damn... Cinebar!

    By Blogger Ole, at 12:26 AM, May 03, 2005  

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