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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Ivy League Rocks the NCAA!!!!

Okay, that title was completely untrue in every way, but what the heck. I'm watching my university's basketball team get smacked down by Boston College. It's quite amusing, actually. I remember when I first heard that Penn would be in the NCAA tournament. I was like, "We've got a basketball team here? Really?" We're in only because Penn won the Ivy League conference (impressive, I know) and therefore got an automatic in to the tournament. Even after I heard the news, I would still look at the brackets and see "Pennsylvania" and be like, "They probably mean Penn State." Especially when I saw the number 14 seed next to Penn.

As I was checking out who was playing today, I saw that the Penn/Boston College (a 4 seed) game was starting around 2:30pm this afternoon. I thought, What the heck? so I've been watching it. Those first few minutes we stayed within 5 points. I took a shower towards the end of the first half so I missed the end of it. When I turned it back on, I saw we were getting it handed to us directly up our backsides to the tune of 20 points. Now as I watch the end of the second half, when we pull to within 15 points, I'm like, "Go team! Penn rocks!"

Oh yeah, I'm feeling the school spirit. Can you feel me feeling it?

(We just lost by 20 points: 65-85. Go team!)


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