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Monday, December 06, 2004

Missing 100

I've been looking forward to my 100th post. Seems many bloggers take a moment to commemorate the event. 100. A milestone. I was going to wax poetic about how I started blogging. I was going to talk about how my blog has found its voice...and maybe I have found my voice along the way, too. Lots of things. And I was getting close to it. My post counter on the blogger dashboard read 92.

Then I noticed, sort of offhand, that my post counter had read 92 for about a week. At least, that's how long I had noticed that it read 92. During a week, I post 3, 4, 5 entires. Shouldn't the counter read somewhere around 97? Then I started to think back. How long had it read 92? Could it have been for even longer than a week? And if it was stuck at 92 now, couldn't it have been stuck at some other number previously, and I just hadn't noticed?

And that's when I did it. I actually counted my posts. This one, anti-climatically, is number 105.

105. Well, it's a nice number, I guess. But it doesn't have the panache of 100! My muse is not speaking to me, not driving me to put up something reflective and commemorative for post 105. As it turns out, post 100 was Shoot the Messenger: a long, rambling account of my failures as a friend. Shit, does that have a deeper meaning? Is the (blog) world trying to tell me something? My centennial post topic: Oz is a loser and a bad friend! Wonderful.


  • Congrats on hitting the big 105!

    By Blogger Dan, at 11:15 AM, December 06, 2004  

  • When I view your profile, it says you've posted 142 times. What's up with that?

    By Blogger Whimsy Chick, at 12:41 PM, December 06, 2004  

  • Thank you, Dan. Thank you very much!

    Kerrie, That number reflects the total number of posts between all three of my blogs, not just the Bean Blog. For the Bean Blog, this is 105! And actually, 142 isn't accurate for all three, either. I'm sure there are more posts than that between the three of them.

    By Blogger Oz, at 1:51 PM, December 06, 2004  

  • Awww...thats so missed your 100th blog. But hey, at least you made it that far, huh? That in itself is an achievement cuz some never make it that far, you know? And maybe posting that thing on the failure of being a friend on your 100th post was like some weird bizzaro way of the world telling u to take a closer look at why you think youre a failure...hmmm?
    But anyways, have a great 105th post and I hope there's more to come!

    By Blogger D.T., at 8:06 PM, December 06, 2004  

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