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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Post-Sex Notes

I love Dawson's Creek. Think of me what you will, but it's the truth. I own seasons 1-4 on DVD. I've bought each of them as they've been released, and I can't wait for the 5th and 6th seasons to come out. Now that I've made my confessions, I can go on with this post.

Today's re-run on TBS is from the 6th season. It's the season premiere where Dawson and Joey finally have sex. They start banging shortly after midnight. Next time you see them (the next episode), they're waking up and they decide to go for it again. Fade out. Fade in. Joey is alone in the bed and Dawson has left her a note. She's surprised. What? Dawson got out of bed?

Okay, kiddies, when you are sleeping in a twin sized bed with a person you have never slept with before, there is no way in hell that person got out of the bed without your knowledge. Hell, I've been sleeping in a full sized bed with the Bread Winner for over five years, and when she gets up in the middle of the night to tinkle, chop onions, or go out hooking, I wake up a little.

So what is the deal with this scenario? You see it time and time again on tv shows and in movies. Seems like whenever someone has sex with someone else, Partner A wakes up to a note left by Partner B. I haven't had sex and spent the night with all that many people, but there have been a few, and this just seems proposterus to me. Most of the night is spent sleeping fitfully, because every time you wake up to roll over or change position, there's someone in the bed with you who has never been in the bed before. And it's not just me. My partners have been the same way. I get up to use the bathroom--their eyes open.

And who are all these note leaving people anyway? I've never gotten up after a first time sexual encounter and left a note for a sleeping person. Frankly, it has never occured to me. If I have to go, I say, "Hey, thanks, gotta run," and usually, "How does a booty-call next Saturday strike you?" Have any of you woken up to a note? Or have any of you left one?

Maybe the reason I've never left a note (besides the impossibility of leaving unnoticed) is that I have a television and I go to the movies. 99% of the time, the note leaver really likes/loves the note receiver. So why did s/he leave the note? "I didn't want to wake you up." But the note receiver never appreciates that sentiment. Can't say that I would either. So why do they do it on tv? Because all of their tv friends have done it? And even though they exist only on tv, don't they have tvs in their tv world to realize that the note receiver would much rather that the note leaver actually just wake them up instead of leaving the note?

Maybe I'm expecting too much from television and movies. Reality is for those of us who are real, after all. And maybe it's a good trade off. What do you get in first time television sex? No fumbling. No confusion. And simultaneous orgasms. All on the first go! Plus you get a deep, coma-like sleep afterwards. Sounds great. I guess back in my single days, given the choice, I would have been happy to wake up to a note as a trade off for all that.


  • I too have always thought it was silly, but my observations go something like, "Dude...there's a hot chick in bed and you're taking off? Plus, how the hell did you manage waking up so early after a night of passionate sex with no alarm clock?"

    What's also annoying is that the dudes wake up, look awesome in their jeans and T-shirt (which is what they seem to be wearing) and their bed head hair is totally cool without a shower.

    By Blogger Wheelson, at 7:53 PM, October 21, 2004  

  • I sleep in the nude, and whenever I get out of bed I allow the sun to cast a well-placed ray onto my tight-ish buttocks. Then I slip on my old dusty jeans, but the viewers only get to see the last second of the jeans slidding over my sun-lit bottom. Then I pick up a wrinkled shirt and put it on, making sure to spend at least 10 seconds with the shirt above my head so my 6 pack and pecs get shown in all their spectacular beauty. Then I leave. Sans shoes.

    By Blogger Dan, at 9:52 AM, October 22, 2004  

  • Wheelson, I guess I've accepted that reality--tv and movie people look fabulous at all times no matter what the situation. Remember Kevin Costner's love interest in Dances With Wolves? She of the feathered, blown-dried, hair-sprayed, perfectly quaffed.....NATIVE AMERICAN?! (Okay, she wasn't Native American, but she was brought up as one and living as one--you get the point.) What I never understand is when they start having sex and the woman still has her bra and/or shirt on. I mean, I understand that the actress has some sort of "no nudity" clause in her contract, but if I'm getting busy with a lady, the bra and shirt are basically the first to come off.

    Dan, That's all very interesting. However, you've failed to answer the main question: Have you ever left a note?

    By Blogger Oz, at 10:16 AM, October 22, 2004  

  • i love dawson's creek too :) i totally own 1-4, although i haven't even finished watching 2 yet. but i had to have them the week they came out. :P

    is a note with a flower any more better for you? :P

    By Blogger Jean, at 12:28 PM, October 25, 2004  

  • Jean, long time no see. Well, I've never gotten or left a note, so I can't really answer the question. On second thought, maybe I can. There are very few things that a flower cannot improve.

    By Blogger Oz, at 2:26 PM, October 25, 2004  

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