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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

More Pictures of Blue

Here is a picture of Blue in his customary spot on the doormat. I wonder if he appreciates the symbolism.

Here he is wondering why the food-giving human has a scary black, clicking, blinding light producing box in front of her face.

Here Blue is outside, looking happy, but in fact he’s terrified because he is outside and being required to stay about three feet from the human, and on top of that the human is making loud noises. None of this is good. I tried to explain that we were outside for the light and that he needed to stay that far away from me in order to get his body in the shot, but his ability to grasp complex grammatical sentences (longer than one word) is rather lacking. And on top of that, when he’s scared he presses his ears back, and he’s so cute with his pointy ears with the one that bends down at the tip, and the only way to get him to put up his ears was to make loud noises, and I know that scares him even more, but is it my fault he’s cute with the pointy ears?


  • I think I'm in love.

    By Blogger Diva, at 9:55 PM, October 20, 2004  

  • Blue doggie's story is a sad one. I'm penciling you in as Blue's next owner if we can't keep him. He's bitten myself, the Bread Winner, and my mother. All out of fear (go figure, this dog has trust issues!). We're adults and we're willing to deal with it. It doesn't happen all the time--four times in the year and a half we've had him, and not at all in the past six months. And none of the bites have been bad (or even broken the skin). However, we're planning on having a baby, and if he bites the baby, he's out of here. So I'll keep your name on file.

    By Blogger Oz, at 11:36 AM, October 21, 2004  

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