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Sunday, August 15, 2004

San Diego and the 1968 Dodge Dart

I was hoping that by running about 3000 miles away from home, I would escape my bad karma. It worked.... kind of. I did get really sick on Wednesday, spending the early hours of Wednesday morning hugging a toilet bowl. God do I hate throwing up. It's really, really nasty. I hardly ever get "throw-up" sick. I usually get sore throats or sinus infections. So this was an especially wonderful treat, to feel my partially digested dinner hurling the wrong way through my digestive track. But luckily, it was only some type of 24 hour bug, sent to let me know I wasn't off the hook yet. But I still had four wonderful days in San Diego. We spend three mornings at my favorite beach in the world, lovely Mission Beach.

We also went to the World Famous San Diego Zoo. I said "World Famous San Diego Zoo" instead of just "San Diego Zoo," because every single employee at the zoo referred to it as the World Famous San Diego Zoo. What was that about? Anyway, we forgave them because we got to see the baby panda, Mei Sheng!

He was very cute. Did you know that there have only been two pandas born in the USA which have lived past four days? Did you also know that both of those pandas were born at the World Famous San Diego Zoo? Mei Sheng turns one year old in just a few days, August 19.

The highlight of the trip, for me, was getting to drive my aunt's 1968 Dodge Dart 290. This car is super, super cool. I tried to find a good picture of it online, but there isn't anything out there close to it. Needless to say, I felt like all that and then some cruising around southern California in a beautiful, wonderfully maintained, 1968 Dodge Dart.

It seemed like my bad luck was cropping up yet again when Hurricane Charlie hit Florida and then began rapidly up the coast towards the mid-Atlantic. We all wondered if we'd be allowed to land the plane or if we'd be diverted to somewhere like Pittsburgh for the night. But it all worked out, and here we are back in Philadelphia.

My vacation stints are over now. You might be wondering, Oz, you're such a traveller! Maybe you have millions! No, no, my pets. Just lucky this summer to get a couple of free rides.


  • Glad you're back, Oz. We missed you.

    By Blogger Whimsy Chick, at 8:56 AM, August 16, 2004  

  • Nice pictures. Aside from the illness, sounds like you had fun.
    I've been lurking for awhile. Decided to come out and say hi.

    A former Philadelphian,

    By Blogger Tara, at 6:16 PM, August 16, 2004  

  • Kerrie, you're sweet. :)

    Tara, Well, glad to have you here out in the open and all. It's not scary, I promise. :) I can't take credit for the pictures. They are URLs to pictures located else where on the web. I ddin't bring a camera with me to the beach, and when I saw the baby panda, he was asleep in the top of a tree and hardly visible.

    By Blogger Oz, at 10:08 PM, August 16, 2004  

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