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Friday, August 06, 2004

Pissed with a Capital Stream of Hot, Flowing, Neon-Yellow Urine

The last couple of weeks have sucked. Let's review:

1) Chester the dog blows out his right knee, requiring a $2000+ surgery in order to repair, a scant three months after we had just shucked out $2000+ to repair the left knee.

2) My grandmother dies.

3) My fish dies the same day.

4) On the way to the viewing, my car starts overheating and making unhappy noises. I barely make it to a friend's house in Delaware, and she graciously lets me take her car so I can make it to the viewing. That was great of her. However, I see dollar signs flashing in my head--first Chester, now the car.

5) While at my grandfather's, I ask him if I can borrow one of his three vehicles, and he lends me his truck (which actually used to be my truck). I did this because I knew I would not have time to get my car fixed before leaving for San Diego (which I'll do on Sunday), and I needed to have a car.

Then my grandfather's truck starts acting like it's going to overheat. However, inspection of the engine (along the side of the highway) shows that the radiator has the appropriate amount of fluid in it, it's not boiling, and the fan is running. After consulting people who know more about cars than I do, we all agree that it's probably just the indicator that is faulty and that the truck is not overheating. Therefore, I drive the car on Tuesday, and when I try to start it to head home, it refuses to start. Now I have no four-wheel vehicles, and both vehicles are broken down at places other than my house.

6) In the midst of all of this, one of my other dogs, Blue, starts having horrible, pure liquid diarrhea. This starts last Sunday night. I wait patiently for his intestinal tract to heal itself. It doesn't. This is complicated by the fact that I have no way of getting him to the vet, as I have no car. On top of all this, I see not only visions of more dollar signs dancing in my head, I see Blue dead, just like my grandmother, my fish, my car, and my grandfather's truck. I also envision that he has passed on his terrible disease to my other dogs as well as all the neighborhood dogs. Once all the dogs in a 10 block radius have died, I will be banished from my neighborhood and possibly the entire city.

7) The only thing going somewhat right was that it looked like I would be able to try to get pregnant next cycle. Now that hope is gone, too. My stupid, fucking, idiotic, irresponsible gynocologist failed to inform me that the lab she uses was unable to run a test that is required by my sperm bank. And now it's the 11th hour. I leave for San Diego on Sunday for a week, so I will not be able to get the test run next week. The week I come back, I'll have my period, and I can't run the test then. So that means that I have to wait until the week of 8/23 to get the culture taken for the test. It will most likely take one to two weeks for the results to come back. By then, ovulation will have come and gone.

When my car broke down, my mother said to me, "Bad things come in threes--now you've had three." She was referring to Chester's knee, my grandmother's death, and my car breaking down. Well, three is a distant memory. Now I've made it past six bad things and am working on making it to nine. Can someone tell me when, exactly, all this shit is going to end?


  • Maybe it's a good thing that you won't be able to get pregnant right away. You're under a lot of stress right now, which isn't healthy. Plus, all those pregnancy hormones make stressful situations seem so much worse than they are. And they sound pretty bad already.

    Trying to find the silver lining. :)

    By Blogger Whimsy Chick, at 9:02 AM, August 07, 2004  

  • I'd love to agree with the whole "maybe it's a good thing" argument, but I think sometimes you just get shit on for no good reason. Sorry. I hope it ends soon.

    By Blogger Chuck, at 11:15 AM, August 07, 2004  

  • Aw, cheer up Oz! Remember you still have...


    Okay, I got nothin.' But you're still a great person and bloggist. I'm pulling for things to get better over there.

    By Blogger Tim, at 4:05 PM, August 08, 2004  

  • I think they already said it for me. Hope things improve for you soon.

    By Blogger Debra, at 5:42 AM, August 09, 2004  

  • I totally don't believe in any kind of fate, but I will say that when that many crappy things happen at once, when something good happens, no matter how small, you'll really appreciate it. In the mean time, I'm pulling for you!

    By Blogger Trillian, at 3:31 PM, August 09, 2004  

  • i am never the best person to give advice :P but i think that things can only get better. and if bad things come in threes and you have six, you should get like triple good things coming your way.

    to be cheesy, sometimes things happen for a reason.. so maybe you not being able to be pregnant or other stuff.. the reasons will fall into place later.

    BUT... you are going to san diego, which is one of the BEST places ever :) what are you going for? how long are you going to be there? i LOVE san diego.. i could tell you a whole bunch of places to check out. hahah...

    yay for sandy eggo. yay for you.

    By Blogger Jean, at 7:01 PM, August 10, 2004  

  • Kerrie, Thanks for trying to find the "silver lining" to the pregnancy thing, but I've been waiting for six months. Another month isn't going to do me any good. And the idea of creating a new life in honor of my grandmother would have given me some comfort. It still will in September....

    Chuck, Tim, Debra, I hope you're right and that it will end soon....

    Trillian, Jean, I'm looking out for the windfall of good fortune, believe me....

    Jean, I have an aunt in San Diego. The Bread Winner and I planned this little vacay a couple of months ago. I've been to San Diego many times to visit my aunt, but the BW had not been there. It's a great place for us to go on vacation because all we really have to pay for is the plane fare. Free place to stay, free car to use, free food to eat. Plus, we love going to the beach, which is also free, and my aunt is a member of the Zoo, so she gets free passes!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:40 AM, August 15, 2004  

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