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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Loose Ends

It seems like the time has come for me to wrap up some loose ends. Even when it seems like the world should be pausing around you, to let you catch your breath and understand what's happening, life goes on. So here are the conclusions to the three storylines of my life that were unfolding before my grandmother died.

I got the editing job. I still don't know what was going on with the whole email thing. The guy who was emailing me was one of the two owners of the small publishing company. The woman I talked to two Fridays ago is my direct supervisor. The "interview" consisted of her telling me what the job entailed and then asking, "Are you still interested?" No questions about me, my experience, or even references. Seems a little risky on their part, but they've got a good one with me, so it'll work out for them. Last week I signed a contract specifying work and payment, and I've already gotten started on the job. As they want someone sarcastic and funny, I like to think I'm a perfect fit. It looks like this will be fun, but of course that remains to be seen, and I reserve the right to bitch about it mercilessly in the future if I feel so inclined.

John Doe finally gave his official answer: No. Although it would have been much cheaper to use him as opposed to buying sperm from a sperm bank, I have to say that it's almost a relief. Now we don't have to worry about the legalities of it, and more importantly, we don't have to worry about his schedule getting in the way of my ovulating. The Bread Winner and I are looking forward to the stability that purchasing frozen sperm offers us. I still have to finish up some paperwork for the sperm bank. As always, I'll keep you informed.

The one other side story that deserves some commentary is that Chester, the Five Thousand Dollar Dog, will have his cast removed tomorrow (Monday). We were looking forward to the end of pet bills when we noticed a lump on Chester's side. Let me explain more: Older dogs tend to get harmless lumps referred to as "fatty tumors" (benign tumors). They don't cause any problems on threaten the dog's life in anyway. All they do is compromise the asthetic quality of the dog. When we got Chester last August, he had a lump on his side, and we've asked our vet about it, and we've always been told that it's probably just a fatty tumor and not to worry about it. Well, like I was saying, the Bread Winner and I noticed a couple of days ago that it looks bigger, and closer examination revealed that the skin of it is purple in color. Uh-oh. I see us shelling out another couple of hundred dollars to get that think taken out in the near future. By the way, have I mentioned that we are seriously considering giving Chester a new name: the Lemon.

I think that wraps up the loose ends that may have been (although probably weren't) causing you all to lose sleep at night.


  • Congrats on the job! It sounds like it was easy to get when all was said and done. Maybe too easy? You might have mentioned this before but how long is it for?

    By Blogger Janet, at 9:31 AM, August 02, 2004  

  • Janet, by "too easy" do you mean "too good to be true"? Well, obviously only time will tell. As I have signed a contract with the company agreeing to work for them and they have signed the same contract agreeing to pay me, plus they have numerous similar titles in print, I don't really have any reason to doubt that they are out to screw me. Perhaps I'm naive, but that's just not the sense I get from them. The vast majority of the work should be completed in about 12 weeks. I will get paid in three installments, one every four weeks. I'm not worried, but I guess I won't know for sure until the first check arrives and clears.

    By Blogger Oz, at 12:53 PM, August 02, 2004  

  • Congrats muchacho! Glad you got the job. I look forward to updates on its level on the suck-o-meter.

    Ah yes, old dogs. I've been through that little minefield myself. Y'never know what's life-threatening and what's old age.

    By Blogger Tim, at 3:02 PM, August 02, 2004  

  • Tim, That's muchachA to you, buddy. :P

    By Blogger Oz, at 3:57 PM, August 02, 2004  

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