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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Smarty Jones. Sigh.

Like most women, when I was a little girl, I had a fascination with horses. I was fortunate in that my parents found a way to get me riding lessons. Also, I had a aunt who had a horseback riding summer camp, and I could go there for free every summer. Even though my mother had, I guess, a lower middle-class income, and my father had a blue collar income (my parents were divorced), I still got to live out my fantasy of riding horses from age 9 onwards.

Allow me to digress for a moment. I used to hate reading, but I've always loved money. My mother had the great idea that she would pay me to read. My love of money overcame my dislike of reading, and I read books for cash (at the rate of $1 per chapter book). Naturally, my interests ran towards books about girls or boys and horses. Eventually, I stumbled on The Black Stallion series of books. The Black Stallion, if you don't know, was basically a racehorse. So I became interested in horse racing.

There has not been a Triple Crown winner since I was 3 years old (1978--I would turn 4 later that year in September, but at the time of Affirmed's Triple Crown victories, I was 3). Not surprisingly, I don't remember it. So basically, I've never seen a Triple Crown winner. We've been close a number of times. I remember jumping up and down in front of the television screen in 1989 for Sunday Silence. But it never happened.

This year, I really thought it could happen. I really thought that Smarty Jones would do it. I felt a connection with the horse. Not only is he a Philadelphia colt, but his name is Smarty JONES. My maiden name is Jones. And let's face it, I'm smart. We have things in common. But he didn't do it. He couldn't do it. Sigh.

I try to remind myself not to feel too bad for him. After all, he's already won more money than I'll ever see in my life (over 7 million and counting). One shot of his jiz will probably be worth more than I could make in five years ($200,000 or so). Ah, screw him, he's got it good.


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