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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Seventeen and Life to Go

I did it. I asked John Doe. He said he would probably say no, but that he wanted to think about it. That's more than I expected. The most important thing to me about yesterday was that we managed to get past it and enjoy the rest of the time we spent together. My main agenda for seeing John Doe yesterday was to pop the question, but I'd said that I wanted to try painting (John Doe is a painter) as an excuse to get together. So after we had our little talk, we got down to the business of painting. Let me tell you, working with oil paint is a pain in the ass. I expected my painting to be bad because A) I've never done it before, and B) I have no reason to suspect that I am talented. However, I had not anticipated that the paint itself would be such a motherfucker. Anyway, we painted for a few hours, which was a very nice way to distance ourselves from "the talk." Then we went out and grabbed some dinner. John Doe and I have known each other for a year or so, but we're not particularly close. By the end of the evening, I felt like we really had a connection. So no matter what his ultimate answer is, I'm happy that I got to know him better.

Jesus Christ, this entry is a sappy piece of crap. Sorry about that.


  • Oz, you have to submit a picture for the contest! It won't be the same without you!

    It wasn't completely sappy...

    By Blogger Chuck, at 12:13 PM, June 15, 2004  

  • Chuck, I've been thinking about it. Dave's submission was VERY good. Like you said, I doubt anyone could beat it. But I'll come up with something--don't you worry. I don't want the "Michigan Sucks" t-shirt anyway. I want a "Michigan Rocks" t-shirt. Since Dave will win, maybe "Michigan Rocks" could be the runner-up's prize? That will motivate me. Ah, competing for second place. That's what I'm all about....

    By Blogger Oz, at 12:58 PM, June 15, 2004  

  • Hey there. I liked your post, very sweet, not too sappy.

    By Blogger Vadergrrrl, at 5:50 PM, June 15, 2004  

  • Hmmm.... I could see a Michigan Rocks t-shirt being 2nd prize maybe. Guess it all depends on who enters. Though I might put "Michigan Rocks?"

    By Blogger Chuck, at 6:21 PM, June 15, 2004  

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