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Friday, June 11, 2004

Damn Ronald Reagan for Pre-empting My Soap

I like TV. I like it alot. I just read on another blog about a fight two roommates had, seemingly started over one thinking the other watched too much TV as opposed to doing something "meaningful" (like writing a script that might one day be filmed, and then might one day be shown on TV....oh the irony). But back to what's important in this blog--ME. I was in the process of explaining that I am a TV addict. You want proof? I have over 150 channels and a Tivo. You do the math.

One day, trapped in New Jersey of all places, having missed our train, the Bread Winner and I started asking each other random questions as a way to kill the 90 minutes until the next train. She asked me, "If you could only watch one television show, what would it be?" ONE TV SHOW?!?!?! When the world stopped spinning at the mere thought of that, I hunkered down to some serious thinking. My eventual answer: All My Children. The reason: it never re-runs and it's on five days a week. Are there better shows out there? Of course! Just about any show is better! But if I was ever limited to one tv show [it's not real, it'll never happen, relax, Oz, relax], then I'm after quantity as opposed to quality. One hour show, five days a week, 52 weeks a year. That's 260 hours of TV a year. What would a sitcom have given me? 24 episodes at half an hour each? 12 hours of TV? For a year? Now that I've put it in these terms, you see that All My Children is the clear winner.

So damn you Ronald Reagan. Couldn't you have managed to die so that your funeral fell on a Saturday or Sunday? Or to whomever planned this long, drawn out affair, couldn't you have scheduled a lunch break between 1pm-2pm? Is that too much to ask?


  • now i know why you clicked on my blog :P i used to be a big all my children fan... i've been persuaded over to NBC.. but we'll see.. did jack and erica ever get back together. your blog is super interesting :) and i swear i'm not a "mean girl" :P

    By Blogger Jean, at 3:12 AM, June 16, 2004  

  • It's funny you've gone from ABC to NBC. I make the reverse trip. I used to be all about NBC, but when they canceled "Another World" for that piece of crap "Passions," I said goodbye to NBC (soaps) forever. And hey, "All My Children" has lesbians! As for Erica and Jack, there's just no simple answer to your question.... LOL

    By Blogger Oz, at 9:59 PM, June 16, 2004  

  • Jean, could you leave a comment with your blog's URL? Otherwise, I'll never find you again!

    By Blogger Oz, at 10:00 PM, June 16, 2004  

  • good thing i checked back.. hmm i thought it was automatic with the homepage.. but maybe not since i haven't done my profile. yea.. i used to be an amc and oltl addict.. but somewhere i got sucked into days, then sunset beach and the passions. i know it's all crap (especially after austin & carrie split) but i dunno. it sucks me in nonetheless.

    just in case..

    By Blogger Jean, at 8:55 AM, June 17, 2004  

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