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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Copper and Solder and Flux, Oh My!

Remember that little sink installation project I mentioned a few posts ago? Well, the Bread Winner pushed me into it yesterday. Now she regrets it--ha! No water in the house; it's shut off at entry to prevent mass flooding. Now I get to give it another try today. The problem is that I bit the bullet last fall and replaced a supply line to one of my radiators. So I had this feeling that I could deal with copper pipe. Well, that whole soldering thing turns out to be a little trickier when there's water pressure in the pipes. Oh what I wouldn't give to be working with the slow moving heating system. I put all my little pipes together; soldered them up; and went ahead and switched the water back on. As you can probably guess, it didn't go well. Water sprayed forth from my pathetic soldering like the fountain in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum. So now the big debate. Do I try to put in more copper? Or do I find out if CPVC is legal here in Philadelphia and just install that (so much easier). Decisions, decisions...


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