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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Cooking with Gas

So I'm wide awake at 4 o'clock in the morning. First I tried reading. Next, food. I had an [insert fruit]-protein popsicle, created from a "Zone" recipe. This particular popsicle contained strawberries. It was my very first [insert fruit]-protein popsicle, and I must admit, it was a strange experience. This was not one of the homemade popsicles of my youth--frozen kool-aid or Tang. Rather, the large amount of soy protein powder necessary to propel me into the "Zone" made it taste remarkably like strawberry flavored sand. And to think, I've got 19 others (peach, blueberry & strawberry, for the curious) just waiting for me in the freezer.

I was reading a blog a few days ago about one woman's quest for mint condition toys and board games from decades past. She referred to the game "Which Witch" as her holy grail. Yesterday, I stumbled across a holy grail of my own: a 30" gas stove with (drumroll please) a pilot light.

When the Bread Winner and I bought this house a year ago, we planned on moving the kitchen from its current location (a tiny room that used to be the back porch before it was enclosed) and back to its original location (a moderately sized room, big enough to be an eat-in kitchen). We're almost done. One thing left: the stove. I had given up hope of finding a 30" stove with a pilot light and, therefore, braced myself to learn yet another skill--running electrical wire. Knowing myself, I realized that reading about running new wire, figuring out all I needed to buy, and actually drumming up the nerve to do it would take me weeks, if not months.

And then, there it was, at Lowe's, a place I'd been to previously, and when I'd asked the salesperson if they had any 30" gas stoves with pilot lights, I'd received a look of disbelief and then a window into the salesperson's private musings: "Do they even make those anymore?" In fact, they did, but such an item must be special ordered, I was told. The price quoted to me was a couple of hundred dollars more than the cheap gas stoves with electric ignition on the floor, and as I mulled it over, I eventually decided that I should just bite the bullet when the time came and run a wire over to where the stove would go and then plug that bad boy in. Again, I wasn't looking forward to this, but all of our home renovations have been about saving as much as possible, which is why I've done most of the work.

Then there it was. I wasn't even looking for it. I'd put it from my mind. A 30" gas stove with a pilot light, for $249. We bought it immediately. Tomorrow (actually, later on today), the kitchen will be done.


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