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Sunday, May 30, 2004

A Word About Cordless Drills

They seem like a great idea. In fact, they are. Nothing is better than running around your house, drilling holes willy-nilly, never having to worry about tripping over a cord or unplugging it from one room and then plugging into another. However, when your battery is dead, you're out of business. For instance, I have been putting off installing a sink for, oh, at least four or five months. Today, it a flurry of home improvement excitement, I grabbed my trusty drill and took the first step of drilling the holes for the pipes. Or, I tried to do so. After about five minutes, the drill stopped. No more battery. Now I just have to sit here, feeling my motivation seeping out of me like money from my wallet (in other words, very quickly). Whoever knew I would have cord envy?


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